Expansive (Yin) and Contractive (Yang) Foods


Using Expansive and Contractive Foods to Moderate Energy and Moods

Foods and cooking strategies offer vast opportunities to alter our energy, our focus, and our moods.  We can take corn, an expansive grain as illustrated below.  Corn itself might make us a little on the “spacey” side.  But, if we then grind it, add salt, and make it into a chip, it becomes a more contracted source of energy that can perk our adrenals and help us focus for concentrated desk work.


Eating near the “fulcrum” of the yin/yang continuum conveys a passive, centered, calming energy.  In contrast, people working in stressful jobs that require high levels of sustained energy often find balance by eating a lot of meat (yang) and then balancing this with sugar and alcohol (yin).  Eating at the polar extreme is wearing on the body over time but this can work well in the short-run for a “Samurai” competitive life style.




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