Pathways 4 health

“Holist health is an adventure. It is a world of wonder and not knowing and in this realm, there is a new kind of freedom, where it is more rewarding to explore than to reach conclusions, more satisfying to wonder than to know, and more exciting to search than to stay put. Curiosity, not certainty, becomes the saving grace.”

“A living thing will change only if it sees change as the means of preserving itself. We change only if we decide that the change is meaningful to who we are.” …Margaret Wheatley

Welcome!  This website is dedicated to all who have taught me in the field of natural health, but particularly to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute, who generously took the time to teach me and many others.  Annemarie has done more to shape my life and my thinking about the healing power of whole foods, and I will always be grateful.

As others have shared with me, so I hope to do so here with you.  May this site pique your interest and inspire you to find your own pathways to better health through the many gifts that nature provides. These gifts—fresh air, sunshine, whole foods, exercise, rest and sleep, and connection—go a long way toward maintaining and strengthening our inherent vitality. With today’s convenience foods and suppressive drugs, may we also think of the empowering ways to nourish health and well being through whole foods and other natural means.

The thrust of this site is to explore a variety of food and health questions—because knowing “why” can encourage change. Articles are arranged by broad headings and cross-referenced in the Archive Index.  Because the site covers food, health, and recipes, not every article will be of interest, of course.  Often we must first ask a question before information has meaning.

I have a Ph.D. in the Science of Natural Health and have studied other natural health disciplines, and I continue to learn.  I also enjoy cooking, but I am not a professional whole foods chef nor a professional in this field. So, while many recipes provided here are my own or my own derivations, to create more breadth, some are the innovation of experienced professionals in the field of the culinary arts, and these are noted accordingly.

The purpose of this site is solely to provide information about whole foods and natural health. I am not promoting food, herbal, or health-related products, although some may be mentioned in context.

In constructing this site, one of my main interests is to help parents with young children, for it is in the formative years that taste preferences and much of the foundation of lifelong health are established.

I also hope that this information is helpful to older adults who are interested in prolonging their years of good health though whole foods and natural strategies.
I welcome your questions, and I offer consultations and teaching when my time allows.

Health lies on a continuum. At any given time, our own condition lies somewhere between vibrant health at one extreme and illness on the other. The body is constantly striving for balance. We are never 100 percent “well.” And, if we are ill, as long as enough vitality remains, life force can be nurtured and strengthened. There are many pathways to restore mind/body/spiritual health across its broad continuum.