Foods work within the body to alter blood chemistry and energy. Every food has a taste–and associated with every taste is a temperature, a direction of energy, an associated organ system, and a specific type of action in the body. Understanding foods in this way can be an invaluable tool…similar to the phonics skills we learn in grade school. In our early skill-building years, we learn phonics rather than rote memorization of words so that we can sound out and understand new words. Diets dictated by others are a bit like memorizing words. If we rely on rote diets and the food advice of others rather than investing time to learn food decoding skills for ourselves, then we may be ill-equipped to respond to our own body’s messages when we feel that “something is not right.”

We all experience these episodes from time to time. Not all health issues can be resolved by food and lifestyle adjustments alone, of course. But, we should not think that adopting good nutrition and lifestyle habits is fruitless. Making good choices is empowering, and it does make a difference. Even when improvement is slow, it does not mean that our healthy choices are not “working.” How much worse might we feel if we were not assisting our body in its efforts at healing?