“Holist health is an adventure. It is a world of wonder and not knowing and in this realm, there is a new kind of freedom, where it is more rewarding to explore than to reach conclusions, more satisfying to wonder than to know, and more exciting to search than to stay put. Curiosity, not certainty, becomes the saving grace.” … Margaret Wheatley

“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.” … Linda Hogan

Fractals, like a fern, are forms created from repeating patterns evident at many levels of scale. There is pattern within pattern within pattern. The lesson from fractals is that a world ordered through pattern does not explain itself through traditional measurement. We can get lost within the simple pattern and miss the magical pattern of the whole. Whole foods and the human body are systems, which need to be contemplated in their wholeness, as “patterns, not as data points.”…Capra.

“A living thing will change only if it sees change as the means of preserving itself. We change only if we decide that the change is meaningful to who we are.” …Margaret Wheatley

“What we can do for ourselves to improve our own health is more effective in the long run than what another person can do for us. Only when we have failed in our own efforts does the health care professional become necessary.” There is no substitution for living in harmony with our own personal constitution. This cannot be bought at any price and another person cannot provide it for us.
…Dr. David Frawley

Life provides us with so many rich lessons. And, listening brings wisdom.

Like life itself, our body daily sends messages to us. This feedback conveys valuable information. Listening provides insights and a deeper understanding of ways to improve our own personal health.

Symptoms are gifts, particularly when they guide us to change our diet or lifestyle habits. Drugs and other medications, which suppress symptoms, can convey a false sense of healing. Then, we may not bother to search for reasons…to ask “Why?” While drugs may have a place for some people, pharmaceutical drugs do come with their own side effects.

Just think how comforting it is to know and trust in the fact that the body is inherently programmed for healing. But, to let the body do this important work, we must allow it time and we must be patient. We do our part by adopting a sense of trust rather than fear, as we provide for ourselves simple healing balms like good food, rest and sleep, fresh air and sunshine, exercise, as well as a sense of gratitude—as well as enough time and space to connect with ourselves.

The body is a master at self-healing. Its natural blueprint of healing wisdom is far too complex for us completely unravel. And, that is good. It allows us to replace fear with trust. All we need is to appreciate that simple nutritional and lifestyle habits attuned to nature can do much to restore and support the body’s inherent harmony and congruency.

The Role of Food in Healing
Many factors affect health…food, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, sleep, and connection, to name a few. Mind and body are closely connected. When we take the time and effort to improve one, we also achieve benefits for the other.

Foods are one of the easiest and best ways to improve our mind/body/spiritual health. Shopping and preparing whole foods supports mind and spirit, by providing a sense of control and empowerment as well as a sense of connection to nature and all of life. And, by assimilating fresh foods in season, the body benefits by capturing the peak vital force energies of foods. Seasonal foods bring harmony, as their energies naturally attune the body to nature’s own cyclical energies.

Foods in their whole edible forms are systems, unique composites of vital energy, macro- and micro-nutrients, fiber and water. Through 200,000 years of evolution, the body is programmed to assimilate the nourishment of whole foods. Fractured, manufactured foods provide energy calories but not the vitality or natural balance of whole foods.