Foods and the Body: As Systems

“Fractals, like a fern, are forms created from repeating patterns evident at many levels of scale. There is pattern within pattern within pattern. The lesson from fractals is that a world ordered through pattern does not explain itself through traditional measurement. We can get lost within the simple pattern and miss the magical pattern of the whole. Whole foods and the human body are systems, which need to be contemplated in their wholeness, as patterns, not as data points.” — Capra

Many factors affect health. Mind and body are closely connected. When we take the time and effort to improve one, we also achieve benefits for the other.

Foods are one of the easiest and best ways to improve our health. In the current world that is fraught with distress and uncertainty, shopping and preparing wholesome foods can be an empowering experience. It is a way to gain some control over our destiny as whole foods work to improve our moods and our health.

Foods in their whole edible forms, as systems, are uniquely designed to surrender their life force energy to the human body. The body is programmed to properly and efficiently assimilate the energy, nutrition, and fiber of whole foods in their natural state. Fractured, manufactured foods may provide energy calories but they also lead to imbalance.