Sharing: Classes and Consultations

β€œIn our culture, we have no relationship with not-knowing. But not-knowing is the essence of receiving.” β€” Mary Saunders

I have always loved to cook and been fascinated by the way foods contribute naturally to our health. Pursuing these interests has led me to read, study, and learn from many experts, including Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D. I am very grateful to her and to all who have shared with me their time, knowledge, and wisdom.

I am also especially indebted and grateful to Dr. Nina Lief and Rebecca Thomas, M.S., of the Early Childhood Development Center in New York City. They have taught me so much over the years about the principles of child development. These concepts proved invaluable to me as I raised my own children.

Melding these two passions, classes and consultations are designed to share what I know in ways that you might find valuable given your age/stage in life and the demands and challenges that you currently face. One of my primary interests is to help young mothers to cook whole, nourishing foods for the family with ease and with minimum effort. So much of enjoying the kitchen is in planning ahead so that meals become fun, innovative, and effortless.

Cooking classes are also theme-based, depending on your specific interests. The focus is always on feeling free to experiment, ease of preparation, and having fun.

Classes involving natural health topics are based on your questions, concerns, and interests.

I offer personal consultations both on food, cooking, and child-development topics, as well as in the field of natural health. In the spirit of contributing to others as others have to me, I offer these services at a modest fee to cover materials and the exchange of energy, and so that you are invested in your own success.