Acid and Alkaline Foods

Acid/alkaline refers to the type of residue left in the body after a food is metabolized. The key idea is to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with minerals to offset the demineralizing effects of consuming acid-forming foods like sugar, refined carbohydrates and animal proteins. This model helps explain why we like to put salt (contractive) on eggs (also contractive) because helps alkalize the natural acid-forming effects of eggs. Likewise, we enjoy the alkalizing effects of coffee when we eat a sugary dessert. The Acid/Alkaline Model add another dimension to unraveling the mysteries of sugar cravings.

All Vegetables Brown Rice Wheat
Most Fruits (not dried) Corn Oats
Millet Soybeans White rice
Buckwheat Lima beans Pomegranates
Sprouted beans Almonds Strawberries, Cranberries
Sprouted seeds Sunflower seeds Dried fruits
Olive oil Brazil nuts Breads
Water-soaked almonds Honey Refined flour
Most Dried Beans and Peas Refined Sugar
Unrefined Coconut Oil Eggs, Butter
Meat, Poultry