Chinese and Western Tonic Herbs

Mushrooms are low in calories and high in vegetable proteins, as well as being packed with such nutrients as iron, zinc, fiber, amino acids and a variety of vitamins and minerals. The medical mushrooms described below contain polysaccharides that have strong anti-viral properties, stimulate the immune system, and inhibit the growth of tumors.

Astragalusfor energy and resistance to colds, flu, fatigue and disease. Helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, and especially good for the respiratory system. Boosts white blood cells for fighting disease. Contains 19 amino acids, flavonoids, folic acid, and trace minerals, including selenium.Codonposisfor energy and to support digestion and metabolism.

Don Quaia blood tonic. Endocrine imbalances, headaches, pain from surgery and traumatic injury. Helps control candida. And aid in cancer therapy. High in B vitamin.

Goji Berriesanti-aging, boosts the immune system, for healing and stamina. Great anti-oxidantrichest source of carotenoids.

Green TeaAbundant anti-oxidants, more potent than vitamin E or C. Benefits digestion, boots immunity, stimulates mental clarity, lowers cholesterol, helps reduce blood pressure and prevents dental cavities and certain types of cancers.

Licoriceenergy and adrenal tonic, expectorant, demulcent, laxative. Great detoxifier, helps rid the body of residual toxins. A general tonic for the whole body. Helps treat weak adrenals and other glandular problems. Long term use is not recommend as it may result in water retention, leading to hypertension and reduced thyroid and metabolic activity.

Lychii Berriesfor vitality, immune system, and a great anti-oxidant. Not recommended for weak digestion.

St. Johnsworttonic for the nervous system. Relief of mild depressiojn. Stimulates endorphins. Used to treat pain and disease of the nervous system. Contains high levels of plant melatonin for sleep; used for alcoholism and overeating. Good for people living with high stress levels.

Schisandrafor weak adrenals, loss of stamina, fatigue, stess, over work, chronic illness. Fosters the generation and storage of essence and stimulates digestion and gastric juices. Good tonic for the liver and gall bladder. Good for liver disease. Primary herb for chronic cough due to lung weakness and lung and kidney deficiency. Calms the spirt for dream-disturbed sleep and insomnia. High in anti-oxidants. Not to be used when suffering from colds or flu, fevers, or the early stages of rashes or coughs.

Yerbe Matetreats illness, fatigue, and helps detoxify the body. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Contains mateine, a stimulant, but will not cause nervousness. Brew like coffee.

Source: Tao of Health and