Foods to Strengthen Organ Systems

According to Chinese Five-Phase Theory, the organs systems of the body are associated with seasonal energies, colors, foods, and emotions and moods. Consuming too much or too little of a food associated with an organ system, or its mother or controlling element can lead to imbalance. See Five Phase Theory. The interrelationships outlined in Five-Phase Theory are another way to approach the general concept of balance and harmony. Based on centuries of careful observation by traditional Chinese healers, these relationships offer much wisdom, particularly as we study them over time.


Carrots, cinnamon twig, button mushrooms, duck, garlic, ginger, ginseng, grapes, onion, honey, licorice, olives, pears, peppermint.


Egg yolk, cinnamon twig, mung beans, red pepper, adzuki beans, saffron watermelon, wheat.


Barley, black soybean, carrot, chestnuts, chicken, cinnamon bark, clove, cucumber, dates, dill, fig, garlic, ginger, grape, grapefruit peel, fennel, honey, kelp, licorice, lamb, mung beans, nutmeg, olives, pear, rice, shitake mushrooms, squash, string beans, sweet basil, wett ice, wheat.


Black sesame seeds, black soybedan, caraway seed, chestnuts, egg yolk, chives, cinnamon bark, cloves, dill, duck, fennel, grape, grapefruit peel, lamb, plums, anise, string beans, walnuts, wheat.


Black sesame seeds, celery, chicory, chives, corn silk, crab, leek, peppermint, plum, saffron, anise, vinegar, lemons.

Small Intestine:

Adzuki beans, salt

Large Intestine:

Black pepper, Chinese cabbage, corn, cucumber, fig, honey, lettuce, nutmeg, rice bran, salt, sweet basil, yellow soybean.


Cinnamon bark, cinnamon twig, fennel, grapefruit peel (tea), watermelon, corn silk

Gall Bladder:

Chicory, corn silk

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